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Hi. I'm Andrew. Audio portal junkie since 2010, supporter since January 2017. I always want to improve what I do! I make music, run the NGUAC, and am active in the writing forum. I love this site, and I want to make it the best I can. :) Formerly TheDoor6

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Don't really have much to add to the things you like. All those things appeal to me, as well.

As for the things you don't like, I'll tackle those on a similar numerical basis:

1. While I do miss the "loop" or "song" clarification, there isn't really much of a need for it anymore. The fact that we've lost seamless looping capabilities by migrating from (the soon to be extinct) Flash makes it more or less a moot point. At least "Loop" is still categorized as such in the Credits & Info section of a track.

2. All of mine seem to be intact, but that really is bizarre. Going back through your Audio submissions, the oldest seems to be "New Eyes" from 2012, back when your were still going by TheDoor6. If you have tracks before that, they're not showing up for some reason. Hmm...

3. The smaller icon is the same as the larger profile version, so I'm not really sure that I understand the issue. I suggest making banner art with your logo in it.

Will have to get to the rest later.

@ChronoNomad Thanks for the response!

1. Ah, that makes sense. I thought I heard something about the loops not really working anymore, but I suppose under the circumstances it's a worthwhile change.

2. Interestingly enough, New Eyes is my oldest submission, but there were 3 other ones I submitted later in 2012 that don't show up. Still, I'm not too worried about it. If they weren't showing my NEW submissions, on the other hand, that would be a little more problematic. ;)

3. That's reasonable. Like I said, it's an easy fix. I just don't quite understand why they made the bigger icon the smaller one, dropped the smaller one, and gave me a generic tankman at the top of my userpage (as opposed to making the bigger one the cover photo-ish one and the smaller one the circle icon).

Okay! Was previously pulled away by an important family function. Now I'm back, and ready to round out the list:

4. I totally get this. Of course - in retrospect - this stuff was all public before, just not as...pronounced, shall we say? Now it's like BAM! Check out all my info. And hey, that's not a bad thing for a serious artist. At all. But anyone who doesn't want that stuff fully on display should totally edit it or just leave it blank. As for myself, since I do a lot of different things as my "job" - which includes regular work-a-day stuff, as well as freelance projects - I just put Enigmatic Paradox in that field. Because it's fun and sounds better than "Jack of All Trades" or some other boring thing.

5. Well now, I hadn't actually noticed this one yet, but it does indeed bother me. I like to check out that stats snapshot from time to time, and since I can't seem to find it anywhere, it appears to have simply gone AWOL. It is kind of amazing to see that I have 1.8K total faves (lolwut?), and that you have 2.3K reviews (holy sh—), but those other odds and ends are going to be missed!

Welp, that's my two centavos. Thanks for addressing these items from the update, TL. Your post is detailed and informative, and your responses are thoughtful. Happy to respond in kind. See you around the 'Grounds, mate. Cheers!

@ChronoNomad Thanks again for your input! Having 1.8 favorites is actually pretty impressive. :)

Good comments. Bit late posting so maybe you already know this but, regarding:

2. That might've been a bug with the new design failing to load certain new content as you scrolled. Hopefully fixed now? I had a similar thing on my Art section. On that note I'm not a big fan of the new 'autoload' feature. I get that it saves up on resources for visitors who don't go all the way to the bottom, but if you WANT to see a user's oldest tracks it'll require a lot of scrolling/loading to view all of them. I'd rather have a limited view first, and then a 'load all' at the bottom.

3. Really hoping they won't purge the old avatars. :) I'm holding on to mine...

4. This was all meant to be public I think. I'm not sure if it ever was, but it seems like the kind of info that doesn't serve much purpose being secret. It's not obligatory so...

Agree with the others things you like, and dislike, and as for other things I dislike (though I do like things too, just doesn't seem I should focus on those here):

1. Reactions below comments. I love them on the posts, but I feel like they just add too much clutter to comments. For short comments in particular they take up way too much space, too.

2. I don't like that the PM dropdown reloads every time you click it. If they could cache that somehow maybe it'd be useful, but as it is it seems to take as long to load that dropdown as it used to take to load the whole inbox - and the inbox was a better overview. I don't feel like this is boosting my efficiency there at all.

3. The focus on Notification overlay. Suddenly there's no way to reach an individual post to comment on it here - everything seems to be streamlined so you should focus on commenting straight from the notification area, but here I don't get the same overview as I do on an individual post. I don't see other comments that might be relevant to discussion. I have all the other notifications clutter surrounding that post. I prefer stand-alone pages, and I like that there's an option, but not that they remove the flexibility to choose. Having to click a users name and then click the latest newspost there to get to it is a major workaround.

4. The review and post counts being arounded up to the nearest hundred, because it makes things hella difficult those who maintain unofficial stat lists now.

Overall really digging the new stuff, but it doesn't feel like they really tested things through with this one. Also the lack of page tabs on profiles is cool but... also not very functional.