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Funny concept and solid voice acting. Animation quality could be better, though. I feel like you could've spent a lot more time on some of the details. There's not a lot of motion in the picture, and some of the postures, especially Mr. Ratburn's, seem a bit unnatural. Still, enjoyable piece. Keep at it, man!

Fantastic! Animation quality is super high, thematic content is fun, and the comedic elements are a nice touch. Loved it when the grandpa got so confused at around 2 minutes in. I'm especially impressed that you did all the music yourself - the cinematic vibe was great. I guess my one complaint is that sometimes the dialogue is somewhat redundant. For example, when the ghost first fires the beam of light from his hands, he says "I didn't know I could do that," even though it's already clear that he didn't know he could do that from his surprised reaction and body language. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this series. Voice acting is good, and the finish looks professional. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Funny stuff! Plot could've been a tad more climactic, but I assume it's based on your real life experience. My favorite joke was when you made fun of Bethany's name. The timing of the vomiting scene ("Bleh...thany") was great. The angry Pocahontas logo was also amusing. Keep up the good work, Brewstew!

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Fun take on a timeless classic! I especially like the cinematic music and the details on the background landscapes. Chicken noises and items were cool too. Can't give you too many points for originality, but the climactic and addictive qualities of "toss" games will always win me over. Keep up the good work, man! ^_^

Pretty cool game. Graphics are good. I like the silly cartoons that connect the game to the premise/story. Eerie music is a nice touch. Vaguely crude thematic content is a plus. It's a little slow-paced towards the beginning, but maybe that's just because I didn't get too far. Overall solid work!

Aesthetic of the game is straight-up beautiful. Music is, too. Admittedly, I didn't get very far, but I like the "choose-your-own-adventure" style with the dialogue and the mysterious, silhouetted quality of the characters. Really amazing work, just from a visual perspective. Maybe I'll check out that sequel you put up someday, too. :)

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I like the victorious vibe at the beginning and the gradual fade-in. The tempo felt a little slow (and the texture a little dreamy) for a dance song, but maybe all it needs is a drum beat to give it some drive. I appreciated the changes in dynamics, but they seemed occasionally haphazard to me, as opposed to reflecting the harmonic direction to the piece. The synths are a bit cheesy, but they fit the cutesy mood well. Solid piece overall. I can tell you're improving. This one is particular has a smooth flow a well-balanced mix to it. Keep it up, Csucskos! ^_^

Csucskos responds:

Thank you. I was in big dilemma when I had to choose the genre. I thought, the dance was the closest to the mood of the song.
The drum is a good idea, maybe only the bass kicking is not enough for keeping the tempo "feel".
I know the second melody just jumps out of nowhere, but I feel like this song needs that really bad. I may have a solution though: I'll repeat the main melody a few more times, giving the listener the opportunity to familiarize with that and only than will change to the second melody.
Thank you for your feedback again, I'll definitely improve on them in the next iteration of this song.

Nice filtering work at the beginning. Synths are a bit generic, and the reverb is a tad excessive. Catchy beats, and I like the pizzicato-y synths that play on the off beats. The piece doesn't quite feel structurally complete, though, and also needs a bit more memorable melodic content. Overall, it's a good start, but I can tell it's rushed. You should finish it sometime! Keep at it, man.

I like the relaxed tempo and organic vibe. Your voice is nice, if a tad nasally at times. Sometimes during the verses, the lyrics don't come through as distinctly as I would've liked. I also think the instrumental could've had a more interesting progression. There aren't a lot of notable changes in the texture of the piece throughout. Overall, solid work though. Atmosphere of the piece is really nice. Keep at it, man!

TodukenMusic responds:

Thanks man <3
I need to practice more with my voice hehe

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Cute! The lookout tower on the boat seems a bit out-of-scale, and in general I think the piece could use a bit more detail. I think the most well-articulated part of the piece is the satellite dishes on top of the ship, but otherwise some of the background details are a bit awkward. For example, the lightning bolt on the left seems to be coming from the side as opposed to out of the sky, and in the ocean there's a wave that seems to dip down beneath the boat, apparently oriented opposite the rest of them. Still, it's a charming piece. I like the coloring on the boat too with the different shades of gray. Keep at it, man!

RedeyestheSecound responds:

Thanks for the review and your right on the lightning bolt from the right side but I was trying to show the lighting was curving inward

I like the snow on the trees and the details on the branches, but this doesn't look particularly realistic somehow. The snow looks grainier than it should, and the sky looks like the snow is falling down in layers instead of flake by flake. Even if it is a winter scene, this could also use some more contrast in the color scheme: slight hints of blue in the sky, different shades of gray in the clouds, some evergreen trees in the distance, etc. I like the aesthetic of the placing of the two most prominent foreground trees on either end of the picture, though. Overall cute piece!

Really strong work! I like her exaggerated facial features and the subtle uncomfortable-looking face on the knife itself. Shadow work and lighting was well-done, too. Makes you wonder who is truly the killer, though. Maybe the dude at the end of the hall is just holding an umbrella, coming home from an honest day's work. She's the only one we know has a weapon. Nice choice with keeping the color scheme black and white, too. It fits the mood of the piece well. Keep up the good work, HugoVRB!

HugoVRB responds:

Thanks for the review TaintedLogic!!
It was fun working on black and white and I always favor expression and pose than realism.
HAHA I like the idea that its just a normal dude coming from work and she is super paranoid.

Much love!

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