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Hi. I'm Andrew. Audio portal junkie since 2010, supporter since January 2017. I always want to improve what I do! I make music, run the NGUAC, and am active in the writing forum. I love this site, and I want to make it the best I can. :) Formerly TheDoor6

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I just followed Rosendale. You're right that he's underrated!
I'm not talking about the composers themselves, but there's clearly a lot of problems with the audio portal. We keep seeing the same pool of people featured on the front page, and there's no other reliable way to gain traction as far as I can tell. That's one of the reasons I created this thread which I think someone like you could make good use of https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1454085

From this list, Remember the Fallen is probably my favorite. I was the one who told Potato-stick about the competition. I forgot that for a while since I didn't judge his group, then I was pleasantly surprised to see him in the final round, and even more surprised by his submission. Despite all the inevitable biases, I think the top 3 is pretty good, which shows that you did a good job creating a diverse group with different backgrounds. Potato published more music on his youtube channel, if you're interested.

My favorite song from Newgrounds this past year is https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/955576

Happy new year!

Thanks for the comment, Everratic! I'll check out that thread of yours. It'll make a good outlet once I start reviewing more.

I didn't necessarily order the songs in the post from best-to-worst or anything - actually, I explicitly ordered them chronologically by when they were uploaded. So, my "top 3" is just my favorite songs that were posted from January to March. :)

Ah, yes - I need to catch up with Phono's work. I lose track of so many artists during contest season when I'm busy judging others. XD


It feels kinda surreal to be included on this. Thank you so much! It really means the world to me.

Of course! Congrats on an awesome track and good luck with your future projects.

Thanks for including my track! I'm so glad you liked it :D

Thanks for nice words!!!

Seems like a good selection to listen through, I don't think I caught a single one of these during the year... maybe you'd have some good things to suggest in regard to the littlbox littlmixes and Tank Tribune playlists too with all the listening you're doing? Seems I'm a bit out of tune with the AP lately.

Interesting stats on the yearly counts btw. Was counting daily ones earlier, hoping to time in the millionth upload, but the rate increased past expectation the final couple of days! From roughly a hundred per day to suddenly 2-300/day the final two. Submission paces pretty crazy lately...

Thanks for the comment, Cyberdevil! Yeah, I think people have more time during quarantine than before. I'm trying to be more active around here myself - plenty to listen to in 2021. Cheers! ^^

That and I think NG's gaining some momentum again; become a lot more popular on all fronts. :) Friday Funkin' going viral, the support base actually so big we can sustain the site now, Ruffle now... feels like we're headed towards a good place.

In regards to sound I don't see the other giants innovating as much as NG does, so maybe we're picking up on a bit of their traffic too.

Same here, though all too many areas to stay active in sometimes. :) Here's and cheers to that!

Can't believe I just saw this but so honored to be on your list! Thank you so much for listening to Overflow. Fingers crossed that you stay healthy and that your 2021 is an incredible year!

Thanks so much for dropping by, Rosendale! Same well-wishes to you. ^^

Thanks so much for digging our song!

Thanks so much for digging our song!

Of course! It's a song that's easy to dig, haha.