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Hi. I'm Andrew. Audio portal junkie since 2010, supporter since January 2017. I always want to improve what I do! I make music, run the NGUAC, and am active in the writing forum. I love this site, and I want to make it the best I can. :) Formerly TheDoor6

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Smiles on your faces, winning or losing. Any outcome benefits you as a musician :D

Can a full length song for tryouts be 7 minutes roughly?

Yes. There are no time limits or anything. Just know that really long tracks tend to either be overly repetitive or not musically cohesive, which could lower your score. That said, we've definitely had successful submissions that are 6+ minutes before. Good luck! ^^

@Teckmo-X @TaintedLogic oh well then let's see if this works out. It'll be fun. I'm gonna give it my all as always!

@TaintedLogic I've a doubt, in the tryout submission, It's allowed submit a remix track?

Yes, you can submit a remix for the tryout round. After this round, only originals though. Thanks and good luck! ^^

Good luck to everyone, see you on the battlefield!

Guess this will be my chance to slow down on working on music, and focus on making it as good as possible instead of just sending it out when I view it as acceptable.

Will there be a tag-everyone post like in the last years NGUAC? I'm kinda concerned about if i got in the next round or not xD

You can view whether you're into the next round or not here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MwpyBBtxtCa_0dXBzwmBd6s4ns-lO6hZcubCV_OoL64/edit#gid=789796311. Looks like you are! Congratulations. I'll send PMs to everyone who made it to confirm their participation in the KO Round.

"3. PARTICIPANTS MAY NOT start working on their Knock-out or Final Round tracks until the corresponding forum thread is posted. You also can’t create samples for the purpose of using them in a Knock-out or Final round piece before that corresponding round begins."

How can you be sure that someone hasn't worked on their song at all before the round starts? Since there's cash prizes on the line, I have little faith that there won't be any cheaters.

That's a good point. It's hard to be sure, admittedly, but usually I do scour people's YouTube and SoundCloud accounts for evidence that they've submitted a piece with the same name or exact length before.

@Immitis @TaintedLogic Brainstormed on this for a bit. Maybe make people send their project file from whatever DAW they used? Creation date should be in the file, some DAWs like FL Studio can even show when the work was started. Not perfect but still something.

That's a good idea. We might just do that for the final round, when the stakes are the highest and there are relatively few submissions to keep track of. Thanks again for the suggestion! :)

Can we use pre-existing mix templates? I have a few with drums already set up, guitar EQ/settings already present, etc.

Thanks for asking. Can you provide me a link that explains in greater detail what it is you're using? I'll take a look at it tomorrow.

@Wahnsinn2 @TaintedLogic If you Google "mix template" you'll see loads of relevant results. Mind you I've built mine from scratch (no pre-downloaded mix templates) so it's still 100% my doing. Think of it like presets - except it's for a full mix (bass, guitars, drums, vocals, reverbs, etc.)

Very well. After doing my homework, this is okay with me. Thanks again for checking and good luck in the contest.

@Wahnsinn2 @TaintedLogic @TaintedLogic Thanks brother!

I have a lot of questions in my mind. Im new here in newgrounds so I dont really know what is NGUAC but I have already read it. My first question is can I still submit my own even if its late? If not is there a way to enter here? If yes where can I send my submission, is it in a forum or private message? I hope you could answer my questions becuase I wanted to join in this contest.

Sorry man. You're a little late to join the contest - the deadline was August 1. That said, I've added you to the PM list for next year, so you'll get notified when the next one starts. Also, I believe @Everratic is hosting a VGM contest starting on September 20, so watch out for that in the forums! Cheers.

@TaintedLogic I have a minor question regarding the fan total.
Since I'm in the Underdogs category but my fan total right now is 14 fans (increased in the past 11 days), am I going to get moved to the Professional Amateurs group when the judging phase begins or will I stay in the Underdogs category?
If I get moved to a new category, will I have another set of judges who will review my submission or will I still have the previous judges from my tryout piece?
Thanks in advance!

Participants don't change groups in the middle of the contest. I logged everyone's fan totals the night before the tryouts submission deadline, and that's where you'll stay for the duration of the contest. However, you might get a new set of judges anyway. We try to switch up who is judging which group every round. Thanks for asking!

May I create an "EP" and upload sections as songs for their respective knockout round?
For clarificication, the EP would be completed when the knockout rounds are finished, so no piece would be created in advance.

Thanks for asking. As long as the section of the EP that you're submitting to the contest was made entirely within the timeframe of the KO Round (i.e., since August 16), yes you may. Good luck with the EP and in the contest!