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Hi. I'm Andrew. Audio portal junkie since 2010, supporter since January 2017. I always want to improve what I do! I make music, run the NGUAC, and am active in the writing forum. I love this site, and I want to make it the best I can. :) Formerly TheDoor6

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Looking forward to the contest!
Let's see how badly I'll fail this one >:D

I'm always better without deadlines XD
I am also masked as not super underdoggy, as my games have given me so many fans, hahha :p
This'll be a lot of fun :3

I appreciate your enthusiasm! And I believe you'll definitely be an All-Star. Sorry LSD. ;)

This sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I'm still in the middle of learning music theory and have NO idea how to compose XD
I would do my usual thing and make rearranges/remixes but it seems the Knock-Out Round is giving me vibes that won't allow this lol

I would suggest trying to compose something right away! You might be surprised how naturally it can come when you're in the mood. Besides, you have almost 4 weeks before you need to submit anything for the Knock-out Round. I hope you still consider joining the competition! :)

I've never tried out for a contest before and it sounds like fun. I'm not the best at what I do but I'll give it a shot. However my question is can you use a song that you already made or does it have to be new?

For tryouts, you can absolutely use a song you've already made! :D In fact, that's probably what 95% of the competitors have done! Please be aware that for the Knock-out Round, though, you'll have to make a new piece. ;)

Im in it with: - AUdioPortal - Be my Dude MArio, polished

Great! Good luck. ;)

I'm getting a new computer in August!!
How long do we have to compose something for the knockout round?

It says right in the post, my friend. July 31st, I'm afraid. Hopefully you have an old computer you can use to compose...

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait got a few more questions!!
What type songs are the judges expecting in the knockout round?
And will a simple peaceful piano song survive against a complex techno song in the knockout round?

and btw Tunecore's a publishing company, not a place to post audio
well they don't have a place to post audio so...

"What type of songs are the judges expecting?" --> I assume you mean genres. We accept all kinds of genres, and last year we got a huge variety of entries: jazz, metal, cinematic, EDM, hip-hop, etc. If anything, there was probably a bit more EDM than anything else. But still: please don't overthink which genre to make. I picked judges for the competition of a wide variety of musical backgrounds. ;)

"Will a simple peaceful piano song survive?" --> I couldn't really tell you that now. There are a lot of other factors to what makes a piece good besides its style. Generally, however, I think that full-textured, complex songs are more appealing, but that's ONLY MY OPINION. There are still 8 other judges who might have a different opinion. Besides, a dramatic, emotional and engaging piano solo could still win out over a poorly mastered, lengthy and repetitive techno song under the right circumstances.

"Tunecore's a publishing company" --> Oh, okay. Thanks! Guess I should've fact-checked that one, haha. XD

Question: If you can change the key, volumes, and fxs on a loop, would that still count as the "non-copyrighted, pre-packaged' loops or would it count as original?

Good question. That depends. Is the loop part of a plug-in? Where is it from?

"Hopefully you have an old computer you can use to compose..."
Well I can always use my parent's computer, don't worry ;)
And the software that I use is online anyways
So yeah, I'll live ;)

Okay, good. Sorry about the inconvenience of not having your new computer. ;)

Some of the songs I've made I used Music Maker Jam on my ipad. The loops come in a variety of different genre packs and I can pick from all the different loops to put in a song. I was just wondering how legitimate it would be. I do plan on making something from scratch if I make it passed tryouts.

After consulting with the other administrator, I'm afraid we won't accept any tracks with loops from Music Maker Jam, in the tryout phase or any other phase of the competition. Sorry man. If you plan on joining the competition, please use a song you made with some other audio program. Thanks in advance for complying. :)

Question! Where do I submit the song when I'm done with it? T^T

Right here: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1394112.

Just press "respond to this topic" and post the URL for your track. ;)

I have some questions:

What if I wrote a song with a friend, I made the music, and she made the lyrics and sang. Is it okay to enter that song? I/m curious about this in rule 1.

And about entering as a team of 2, does that mean we both need to have an account here in newgrounds? or is it okay if we just use mine?
thanks for making the contest and the invitation, hope you can help me with these questions :)

I responded to your PM. ;)

Oh yay this is something I actually have a chance at!! Competing with noobs like me are definitely better than withering out in the NGADM hahaha... :D I'm going to be entering as a team with Howardt12345, this is going to be fun :P

Great! Best of luck. ;)

I have a question. If I made a song on a computer which has been wiped by a roommate who installed ubuntu, how do I go about proving where my samples came from? I made the song from scratch, tweaked all my synths myself, edited and mastered the song myself, but I used FL Studio and some of the samples that came with it. Idk if I have the files from the original computer backed up anywhere but even if I find the FL file, all my samples I used are gone forever. Point is, can I still use said song? I have a copy of it which I can upload to newgrounds but am I allowed?

Going forward, I would appreciate it if you at least modified said samples, but for the tryout phase we've been pretty lenient. Yes, you can submit this song. You don't need to prove where your samples came from. In some ways, whether or not you follow the rules regarding samples is at your discretion. Given these circumstances, though, I wouldn't worry about using some default samples. Good luck in the competition! ;)