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Hi. I'm Andrew. Audio portal junkie since 2010, supporter since January 2017. I always want to improve what I do! I make music, run the NGUAC, and am active in the writing forum. I love this site, and I want to make it the best I can. :) Formerly TheDoor6

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maybe ill get in this time

Well, good luck! :)

Am I considered an Underdog? I have 165 fans and have had 6 tracks featured (at the bottom of the page) this year. Dunno if that counts for anything.

That depends on the fan totals of the other participants in the contest. The groups don't have fixed fan totals. Instead, the participants are divided evenly among the groups so that each group has an equal number of people. Last year, I believe the cutoff for the Underdogs was around 10 fans, though, so I don't think you'd be in the Underdogs. ;)

The song i'm working on atm (fl studio) is so overloading on my pc, i can't listen to certain parts unless i render it. Any tips that could help?

Is there any way you could pinpoint the plugins that are using the most CPU and replace them?

Ah, okay, thank you.

You're welcome!

I'll be joining this.

@poinl - maybe try rendering a few stems so you can take out the plugins? I'm having similar problems with a current project of mine, and rendering stems helped a lot.

Great! Good luck. ;)

...and thanks for helping out with Poinl's DAW woes. ^^

@gragon73, i really thought it would work. It's like a section is cursed to lag no matter what i place in there.

ERMAGERSH I hope I make it in!

Good luck man. ;)

i thought you were gonna send me an email! XD hahaa just kidding, I'm happy someone wrote in the 2015 thread an it poped up in my news activity :D I'll prepare one for this year's thread :D

We're actually clawing our way through the PM list right now, but it's an extremely tedious process. I actually only finished compiling the list yesterday, and I still have over 700 people to contact. Either way, I'm glad you plan on participating again! Good luck. ;)

Need me for the sigs again? :)

That would be awesome! I'm actually honored that you reached out to me! Thanks so much Decky. ;D Shall we continue discussing this through PM?

Why not buddy. I'm quite busy this weekend but I will get back to you ASAP If not today.

Sure. Take your time. I really appreciate this!

I have a perfect idea... XD Oooooohh, i'm so evil!
I'm already doing an AMAZING job on 2 new tracks, and i'll post my best old for now...
Let's hope that the things are going nice.

Oops... i almost did something wrong here XD I need to be extra carefull..... Who knows what can show up around any corner XD

Alright. Good luck, man. ;)

Also, can there be Previews (WIP-s)?

I'd recommend submitting a structurally complete piece to the competition. Whether or not this is acceptable is at the discretion of the judges, but you may not want to take that chance.

This is the first time I try anything like this, and I really like how everything is managed on this contest, I'm surely going to give it a try! Good luck eveyone!

Thanks man! Good luck yourself. ;)

Can I submit a song for tryouts that I posted to both Newgrounds AND SoundCloud that I made? I posted it to Newgrounds first.

Yes. As long as it's on Newgrounds, you're all set. Sorry for the slow reply. ;)

Alright! We got A LOT of songs and ideas we haven't uploaded anywhere so I guess this competition would be a good place to start!

Great! Good luck, man. ;)

I will join and I am almost ready! :)

And i just need to upload song and then what? I am not good at english :/

After you post your song in the tryout thread (http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1410643/1), the judges will be scoring all of the songs during a "judging phase" which lasts until July 16th. On the 16th, I will create a new forum thread that contains the results and scores of the tryout phase. Some competitors will make it into the Knock-out Round and others won't. The contest has 3 rounds in total and is expected to last until mid-August.

Also, may I ask what your first language is? I might be able to connect you with another Newgrounder who could explain this contest to you in your first language.

Hope that helps! :)

So lemme get this straight. No one is getting kicked out from the tryouts, just categorized? And then there is only one more round where the winners are chosen? Sorry if this is a stupid question, for some reason I don't quite understand.

That is incorrect, I'm afraid. About half of you will be accepted into the Knock-out Round from Tryouts. Then, about 10-12% of the remaining competitors will be accepted into the Final Round. The top 3 overall will receive forum sigs and will have their Final Round submissions front-paged. Hope that clears it up! ;)

Wait is there any runner-up prizes for anyone who get into the final round? 3 people over a lot of people is very tough ;)

As of now, I'm afraid not. Perhaps the real prize is that you've been driven to drastically improve all aspects of your musicality, mastering and production abilities, etc.

However, if you want to see if anyone in the thread is willing to contribute any prizes voluntarily, I wouldn't be opposed.


here's some dissonant stuff i noticed, probably not the best place to do it but oh well





2:14, 2:18

hopefully that maybe helps o_O

Yes! Thanks, Johnfn. I'll look into it. :)