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List of NGAUC '14 Rules

Posted by TaintedLogic - August 4th, 2014

Below is a complete list of knock-out round rules. Please read them carefully if you plan on participating. Thank you.


1. You may have someone sing or play an instrument for you as long as you write the music and lyrics AND mix/master the piece.

2. You can enter the competition as a team of two, but only if both members of your “team” are in the same group based on fans. Also, if you are entering as a team of 1, you cannot have a collaboration as your audition piece or as any other piece for the competition.

3. ALL of the pieces you make for the competition must be full-length (2-8 minute) songs of the musical variety. Under no circumstances will we accept parodies, skits/sketches, sound effects, voice acting, or anything with non-copyrighted pre-packaged loops in it (Garageband’s Apple loops come to mind).

4. Remember when I said you couldn’t have HTML when posting your songs? Well, part of the reason for that is you usually HAVE to have HTML if you’re posting your songs from a site besides Newgrounds. You must be able to submit your song to Newgrounds in order to enter the competition. No submissions from Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Tunecore, Audiojungle, etc. will be accepted!  

5. You can post commentary in the threads dedicated to the competition, but please keep it friendly! Sportsmanship, people, sportsmanship! If you have any complaints about judges’ scores or the contest in general, PM THEM instead of embarrassing yourself by acting like a sore loser in the thread. Also, just because this is a special contest doesn’t mean regular BBS and Audio Portal rules don’t apply. @Back-from-Purgatory will be watching this thread like a hawk for rogue competitors (or, well, ex-competitors), and, like a bird of prey, she WILL gouge your eyes out and leave you for the vultures (metaphorically speaking). Please think BEFORE you post! Also, you’re encouraged to support and review the pieces of your competitors.

6. You’ll be receiving THREE rather detailed reviews from three of the different judges if you make it past tryouts. They’ll each give you a score out of 10 and state clearly what that is in the review itself. These scores will be averaged, and the person with the highest average score in each group will be the winner of that group. Just so you know.

7. The winners of each group will be announced by Monday, August 25th. Then, those winners will face each other in an epic finale! They’ll have 2 more weeks (until Saturday, September 6th at 12:00 a.m. EST) to submit their final pieces! :D  All rules for the knock-out round apply to this one as well. The complete list of details for this round will be posted in that thread in a couple of weeks. Scoring for this round will be identical to the last one, but this time all of the judges will review each track (since I don’t think it’s too much to ask to review 3 tracks, do you?). The winner of the competition will be announced on Monday, September 9th.

8.Prizes for each of the group winners will include forum signatures corresponding to your place, spots on the front page of the NG Audio Portal for the 4 winning pieces, and...well...ETERNAL GLORY!!!  @Bad-Man-Incorporated has also generously offered to feature the one overall winner and the winning track on his radio show.The details on that will be revealed very soon. >:D


Thank you all for following the rules. It really makes it a lot easier for the judges, the mods, and myself. Good luck in the competition, my friends! ;D






So my trio wants to enter but because of Rule No.2 we aren't sure if we are allowed to. We hold one account on all of our social networking platforms and Soundcloud. Straight to the point, would we be able to enter the contest as a single entity under our Tapestop name or no?

Hmmm...well, if you've had 1 account for the past 2 years, I guess I'll make an exception. I just wanted to avoid people entering as teams where one was very popular and the other was an underdog so they still got the benefits of an underdog in the competition. Welcome to the NGAUC 2014, my friends. ^_^

I'm so glad this is happening! .... But I made it past the first round of NGADM, and thus will be too busy to make original pieces for multiple contests. Enjoy the contest and I wish all the best

Thanks so much, man! ;) Best of luck in the NGADM! ^^