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1,000 Audio Reviews - An Important Milestone

Posted by TaintedLogic - June 1st, 2015

Hey everyone,

     Tonight, I passed a really important milestone in my "Newgrounds career." I've reviewed over 1,000 of your songs over the past 2 years, 9 months, 15 days and 5.5 hours. That's 1,003 reviews in 1,020 days. Yeah.


One of the big goals I had made in my first news post was to help others improve their music, and I truly felt like I've done that to the best of my ability. And I'm not stopping either. I have a long summer stretching out in front of me, and within a couple of weeks I hope to make up those 17 days during which I had apparently shirked my reviewing duties.


I'm also graduating high school in 5 days, and the 5 days after that will consist of almost constant graduation parties. The day after that I'm getting my wisdom teeth out, and then later in the summer my family is on vacation in Bermuda! <3  :D  All the while, I'll be working at my local grocery store, as well as getting ready for college. And I'll make some music too! ^^


Anyway, those are all the updates I have for you guys for now. There are always so many people to thank for their incessant support (and for being especially gracious for my reviews) - @LunacyEcho @LucidShadowDreamer @Johnfn @BlueOceans @DylnMatrix @Lockyn @TeraVex  @Larrynachos   ...and a lot of others I'm sure I'm forgetting as well. 73 of my 1,003 audio reviews are of Johnfn's tracks alone, btw. I counted.


Love you guys. Happy June! ^^


~Andrainted L'Door


Thanks for the shoutout :3
And whoah, good job dude! You have more reviews of music alone than I have in all areas put together o.O!
Keep going; you know you're well on the way if the nr. 3 audio reviewer noticed your progress :D
And Happy June for you as well ;)

You're welcome for the shoutout! :D I'd say the pace at which you've reviewed audio is about the same as mine, though. ;) Yeah, I was pretty happy to see NekoMika drop by, believe me. ^^ Thanks for commenting, LSD. :)

You reviewed exactly 0 Poniiboi songs.

Just fixed that. ;D

Congrats! I only have 200 audio reviews or so, but I've been reviewing a lot more lately, so hopefully that number will significantly increase.

I'm glad you mentioned me in your post. Congrats again!

Thanks Larrynachos! :D Yeah, hopefully we'll both have more time to review some tracks during the summer. Of course I mentioned you! Your music is really good, and besides, you always respond to my reviews, and rather quickly too. ^^