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My audio submissions are now 50 strong!

Posted by TaintedLogic - February 19th, 2016


Greetings, fellow Newgrounders! 


I don't usually make news posts like this, but I recently submitted my 50th track to the audio portal. I know that this might not seem like many, especially since I've been a member of NG for 3.5 years now, but to me it means a lot, serving as a marker of my progress and consistency in the face of struggle (i.e., junior year of high school). 


Anyway, since I'm a complete dork, I've also compiled a list of fun facts about my first 50 audio submissions, updated as of today, 2/19/16. Enjoy!


Digital Audio Workstation used:

FL Studio 10 - 21

FL Studio 11 - 15

Garageband 6 - 9

Garageband 10 - 3

Logic Pro X - 2


Total listens: 24,840

Average listens per song: 497

Most listens: 3,374 (Embedded)

Fewest listens: 115 (Broken Toys)


Total downloads: 895

Average downloads per song: 18

Most downloads: 109 (Embedded)

Fewest downloads: 3 (Terrified)


Average time between starting project and uploading project: 7.7 months

Maximum time between starting and uploading project: 25 months (Construction)

Minimum time between starting and uploading project: <1 week (Broken Toys)


Average reviews per song: 3.6

Most reviews on a song: 9 (Tied - Rising & Embedded)

Fewest reviews on a song: 0 (Broken Toys)


Songs uploaded as TheDoor6: 32

Songs uploaded as TaintedLogic: 18


Collaborations: 2

Solo projects: 48


Remixes: 1

Originals: 49



Ambient - 11

House - 7

Techno - 7

Trance - 6

Jazz - 5

Classic Rock - 2

Dance - 2

Drum and Bass - 2

Experimental - 1

Hip Hop - 1

Miscellaneous - 1

Voice Acting - 1

World - 1


Frequency of uploads: 1 every 25.6 days


Number of songs by year:

2012 - 4

2013 - 16

2014 - 14

2015 - 12

2016 (so far) - 3


Yeah, you don't want to know how long it took me to compile those fun facts. But....have a good day!


~TaintedLogic: the right sort of logic.™



These are interesting facts. They might seem useless now but you will be glad you did it in a few years from now. I've enjoyed listening to your music over the past few years and listening to the improvements you made. I'm excited to hear more of your music course songs.

I really wanted to take a music theory course but I was under too much pressure to choose a major so now I'm taking those courses.

Thanks so much for the comment, BO! I'm glad you've enjoyed my music over the years, as I have enjoyed yours. Good luck with your studies! ;)