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Ok, I like this! :D Yeah, I'll agree, it's not as elaborate or creative as D-Pression, but it's a cool idea with a cyclical frustration-addiction quality. Nice work! ;)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks for the reivew, which pretty much sums up most of the game XD
While D-Pression was more of a puzzle game, this is mostly performance based :p
I did make it too difficult again though...

Wow! This is amazing! :D I'm so jealous of your wide variety of talents, LSD! ;D This is a really creative, amusing, and even addicting game! I made a point of not reviewing it until I completed it, as I wanted to really evaluate it. First of all, I love the theme of depression and darkness. I had to turn all the lights off in my room in order to see the "shadow." XD I love gams that involve strategy as opposed to mindlessness, and this was a great example of that. Each level is very clever and often challenging, the whole game was very well designed, and I didn't come across any glitches! :) Nice music, too! Overall, simply an extremely entertaining experience. Huge congrats on front page/ 4k views and counting, btw! :D This truly deserves all the attention it's getting! Keep up the great work, man! ;D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a million! You and LuncayEcho have been extremely supportive throughout my entire time here on Newgrounds, which is amazing!

I'm glad you liked the theme, as my focus is clearly on athmosphere, as well as the puzzles. I'm also impressed you managed to complete the whole game, since only about 1 in 40 have done so thus far.

Also, it's good that you liked the level design! Almost everyone has had an issue with one specific level though, hahha! I appreciate that you took the time to finish the game before reviewing too; I know you have quite the busy schedule! And I admire your talents too, as they are several. Have you ever thought about making a game yourself :D?

I'm surprised to see there haven't really been that many glitches, which means less work for me (although I'm currently woriking on the final bits of the "story", which should be added later this day).

Again, thank you TheDoor6, and have a good day! :3

This is a very entertaining game. The music and images of the character being nervous/ crying, etc. really add to the drama. It's also educational, which can only be good. However, I'm going to dock you a star for originality, as it is pretty much exactly the same as "So You Want to be a Millionaire." I also thought that some of the questions were VERY easy, while others were very hard. Maybe it would be good to be able to choose the level of difficulty of the questions from the title screen. I think you should also coordinate the questions so that they get harder as the game goes on. Overall, though, I liked it a lot. Keep up the good work, man! ;D

ahtingir responds:

Thank you for your kind interest and sharing your thoughts. Next time we will keep in mind your thoughts. Thank you for your feedback

Aww, that's cute! :3 I don't know much about programming and coding and stuff, but I think the music really fits with the game well. The plot was good, and I appreciate the humor in the dialogue. Excellent work, and what determination you've shown to have done this in 3 days! Congrats on the front-page, too. Keep at it, Johnfn! ;D

johnfn responds:

Thanks man! Glad you managed to escape the school work and find some free time ;-)

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