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Cute! The lookout tower on the boat seems a bit out-of-scale, and in general I think the piece could use a bit more detail. I think the most well-articulated part of the piece is the satellite dishes on top of the ship, but otherwise some of the background details are a bit awkward. For example, the lightning bolt on the left seems to be coming from the side as opposed to out of the sky, and in the ocean there's a wave that seems to dip down beneath the boat, apparently oriented opposite the rest of them. Still, it's a charming piece. I like the coloring on the boat too with the different shades of gray. Keep at it, man!

RedeyestheSecound responds:

Thanks for the review and your right on the lightning bolt from the right side but I was trying to show the lighting was curving inward

Really strong work! I like her exaggerated facial features and the subtle uncomfortable-looking face on the knife itself. Shadow work and lighting was well-done, too. Makes you wonder who is truly the killer, though. Maybe the dude at the end of the hall is just holding an umbrella, coming home from an honest day's work. She's the only one we know has a weapon. Nice choice with keeping the color scheme black and white, too. It fits the mood of the piece well. Keep up the good work, HugoVRB!

HugoVRB responds:

Thanks for the review TaintedLogic!!
It was fun working on black and white and I always favor expression and pose than realism.
HAHA I like the idea that its just a normal dude coming from work and she is super paranoid.

Much love!

Nice job with the facial expressions, proportions, and tone. Color scheme fits well, too. Gives off an almost comedic vibe. Flavor of the piece almost reminds me of "Alice in Wonderland." What is that candle-shaped thing on the left-hand side of the painting? Almost looks like a curtain being parted at the start of a show. Either way, amusing work!

ShizzleCreature responds:


Dude, I just found your page, and your art is amazing. Superb attention to detail, and you do a lot of cool thematic stuff too. This piece in particular is just haunting to me. Keep it up!

LukeF responds:

Awh man, Thank you so much! So happy you like my stuff, It really means a lot. :)

Really cool piece! I love the details in the mechanical gadgets, and the color scheme with the blues and yellows is really pleasant. I think it's a little hard to distinguish the figure from the background, though. The character is largely grayscale, and you've got lots of grays and browns in the scene already. Other than that, solid work, man. ;)

ArmeOnNewgrounds responds:

Thanks so much, meens sow much. Thanks for the nitpicks, and I noticed that when I submited the work, so later a added a yellow glow from the back, and a blue one from the front. So now its easier to see him. Thanks again! :)

Nice work! The texture of the ground is a little bizarre, though. It looks more like the glassy surface of a lake than a snowy forest. The trees are lovely, though, and the overall symmetric design of the piece is really soothing. Keep up the good work, BO! ;)

Everratic responds:

Thanks for the art review! I agree that the ground looks bad. It's the result of me using too much contrast. It looked better prior to that effect.

Woah...I love the contrasting textures. The left-hand one seems like I'm viewing it through stained glass, and the one on the bottom-right looks like noise on an old cable TV. Interesting color scheme too. Made me think of iguanas for some reason. XD Good luck with your classes!

Everratic responds:

Thank you for the review! You are correct about the way the image is intended to be perceived. I'm enjoying my classes a lot :D

It's really calming. I like your color scheme, especially for the sky, and also the way you made the trees different shades of green. It seems you made the treeline in the distance somewhat translucent, or otherwise you gave the color a gradient, which gave the backdrop this soothing, foggy appearance. Keep up the good work! ;)

Everratic responds:

Thank you for the review. I decided to make the trees translucent to save time; I didn't want to draw each tree. For the tree colors, I added different amounts of white and black to the green to create the illusion of distance.

Simple, yet satisfying! I like the different shades of blue in the water. You might've been able to do a little more with those mountains/islands, though. They look a little bland IMO and it's also pretty easy to tell they're essentially inverted images of each other. Nice use of color and frame placement though. ;)

Everratic responds:

For the water, I used a blue gradient with a light blue highlight, then I copied the sky, pasted it above the water, reflected it, and lowered the opacity to about 40%. I agree with you on the mountains. I don't like illustrator's paint tool though so I skipped that step.
Thank you!

Wow, this is great! You really captured a solemn, long-suffering emotion quite well in this. Love the detail and shading, you multi-talented person, you! ;D Gives off a great impression of texture that makes it seem almost 3-dimensional. This is inspiring work, LSD. ;D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks you! But it's not like it's super great or impressive, as I mentioned in the description that I was trying to mimick this picture: http://goo.gl/LOlnb8

I figured that it's probably easier to learn by using references and such :p
The shading had a pretty interesting effect though! It's made to be computer animated, so it works in a pretty different way when actually drawn with a pencil XD

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