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Nice! I keep forgetting you make art too, CG. This is really well-designed, from her outfit to the typography. How did you make the barcode in the lower-right corner? The curve of her mouth seems a unnatural to me somehow, but maybe that was intentional. Texture in the clouds and waves is a really nice touch. Keep it up! ^^

Oh man, that's a throwback. Really nice job mimicking the original - without Googling it, I can't think of how the character as drawn on the show is substantively different in any way. The backdrop with the XJ9 poster is a nice touch too, although part of me isn't a big fan of how the poster is just a slightly different shade of the same color. Still, it's a cool image with a clean finish. Keep it up!

Cute! The lookout tower on the boat seems a bit out-of-scale, and in general I think the piece could use a bit more detail. I think the most well-articulated part of the piece is the satellite dishes on top of the ship, but otherwise some of the background details are a bit awkward. For example, the lightning bolt on the left seems to be coming from the side as opposed to out of the sky, and in the ocean there's a wave that seems to dip down beneath the boat, apparently oriented opposite the rest of them. Still, it's a charming piece. I like the coloring on the boat too with the different shades of gray. Keep at it, man!

RedeyestheSecound responds:

Thanks for the review and your right on the lightning bolt from the right side but I was trying to show the lighting was curving inward

I like the snow on the trees and the details on the branches, but this doesn't look particularly realistic somehow. The snow looks grainier than it should, and the sky looks like the snow is falling down in layers instead of flake by flake. Even if it is a winter scene, this could also use some more contrast in the color scheme: slight hints of blue in the sky, different shades of gray in the clouds, some evergreen trees in the distance, etc. I like the aesthetic of the placing of the two most prominent foreground trees on either end of the picture, though. Overall cute piece!

Really strong work! I like her exaggerated facial features and the subtle uncomfortable-looking face on the knife itself. Shadow work and lighting was well-done, too. Makes you wonder who is truly the killer, though. Maybe the dude at the end of the hall is just holding an umbrella, coming home from an honest day's work. She's the only one we know has a weapon. Nice choice with keeping the color scheme black and white, too. It fits the mood of the piece well. Keep up the good work, HugoVRB!

HugoVRB responds:

Thanks for the review TaintedLogic!!
It was fun working on black and white and I always favor expression and pose than realism.
HAHA I like the idea that its just a normal dude coming from work and she is super paranoid.

Much love!

Cute. I especially like the sparkly eyes and tail. Color scheme is nice, too - gives off a really chill vibe. I also like her quizzical facial expression. I'm a little confused about what the magenta-colored things are by her shoulders, but other than that I have no complaints. Animation style reminds me of some old Nickelodeon show, but I can't remember which one. Anyway, keep up the good work! ^_^

Nice work. Her body language says fear, but her face says confidence. I especially like the shadow of the branches that falls on the wall in the background. It's a really nice detail that sets the tone of the rest of the piece. The bed posts could use some more intricacy - I was actually a little confused about what they were at first. It would be cool if they had a design that mimicked the scraggly look of the branches or the gritty texture of the door. Either way, quality content!

Simple idea, yet very well executed. The detail in the grass is extraordinary, and once again you've done a lot of great work with light and texture. If I had to complain about one thing, it might be that the pond's texture isn't quite as distinct from the surrounding rocks and grass as it could be, making for a slightly confusing visual, especially where the grass is reflected in the pond. Still, this is a charming and majestic piece. Keep up the great work! ^_^

Incredibly realistic. I love the slightly blurred look it has, and how the green of her glasses complements the green of her tattoo. You've really captured a distinct emotional quality with this one, too. Keep up the great work.

Nice job with the facial expressions, proportions, and tone. Color scheme fits well, too. Gives off an almost comedic vibe. Flavor of the piece almost reminds me of "Alice in Wonderland." What is that candle-shaped thing on the left-hand side of the painting? Almost looks like a curtain being parted at the start of a show. Either way, amusing work!

ShizzleCreature responds:


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