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You chose the perfect instruments for this song! They work so well together too! They make the song really engaging and special. The melody is so relaxing and upbeat- I love it! However, I did hear what I thought was a misplaced note at 1:20, but that's not that big a deal. I was disappointed when I saw that this is a remix, and I'm not a huge fan of the fade-out ending, but that's just me. I'd love to hear an original work of yours, because this piece really has the whole package (perhaps with the exception of originality). Overall, excellent job. Uplifting, fun, cute, yay! :)

VolcansMusic responds:

Thanks! I'm not so sure about that misplaced note. If it is misplaced there, it's also misplaced in the first half too...
Yeah, I'm not too fond of fade-out endings but I personally suck at ending a song, so I tend to loop and fade, lol. I do however have 2 Original works, with another one in progress. I don't think they're *that* good but it's still something if you wanted to check them out. Just look for 'Blemished Bluff' and 'Scorching Summit' in my uploads if you're interested.

Well, I'm not totally sure how closely this follows the original track, but I liked the beat to this song and the form is well done. This song definately should be 8-bit! The melody, of course, is very engaging, but, with all due respect, it's hard to mess up a remix like this. You seem to do a lot of remixes, Jamesman, and believe me, they're very good, but if you want to improve, I think making originals is the best way to go. This is a good track, but originality is one of the things that really makes Newgrounds what it is, and in the future I'd love to see you bring more of it to the table. :)

Melody is really engaging and the bass at :38 I found surprisingly engaging as well, even if it is a bit simple. Like how you have some accidentals at 1:16. 1:41 was a little...surprising. It didn't work for me, but dubstep isn't really my genre. I liked the transition at 3:45- it was unique and interesting- even though the part that came after it, again, didn't really work for me. Liked the way you ended it, however, and the transitions between the melodic and bass-y sections are rather good. I think the subbass can be a bit louder, but overall good job and hope I'll hear from you again soon. :)

Catchy, dreamy, epic! I'm a fan of that heavy, deep kick you have in there, but what you did with it at :40 didn't quite work for me. The effect at :55, however, I felt fit with the song well. The climax you have at the beginning is well done, and the part at :42 really makes this song epic! I'm looking forward to hearing the full version! Skyland ftw!

Pretty catchy, but maybe a little repetitive. Beginning was a little slow, and the transition at :26 was a little rough. Liked the bass instrument, and 2:15 was the highlight of the song for me, which really showed it off. Ending was a little wierd, unless you wanted to loop it, which I didn't think it did very well. I feel like this is just the basic structure for a song, and you should expand on it. Still, pretty good for some "random dnb/dubstep/dance song thing." Keep working on it. :)

rockoncam responds:

thank you for the honest criticism. and very wise words and advice =D

Nice job! The melody is really memorable, and I like the transitions with the open hat. You stuck to your theme of old videogame boss perfectly! The instruments and style of the piece really were loyal to it. Also like the form of the piece. I wish you had some drums in there, though- something cute and simple, at least. Also, not a big fan of the fade-out ending. It always seems a bit lazy to me. Maybe a little repetitive, too, but that's okay. Like I said, memorable melody and good job establishing the theme of the song. Keep it up!

Vahnson responds:

Thanks. The song was originally 1:31 seconds long so its repetitive because it repeats. Most boss themes do not exceed 1 minute and though I have made long boss themes that vary more melodies this theme is for an action platforming style game so a long elaborate theme would not be good since the person playing would probably beat the boss in about 2 minutes. However I see where you are coming from.

Yeah! Easy to get attached to: groovy and relatable. Excellent choice of instruments. Liked the ending, too, and it's hard to find relaxed, throw-back kind of music on NG. Nice work! I feel like I've heard a lot of songs like this before, though- represents most old-fashioned country songs perfectly as far as I'm concerned. You might want to work on the vocals a bit, too- they sounded almost whiney sometimes. Sorry. Still, you got your point across, and I like the style of this piece. It's really something different, and that's a good thing. ;)

BonesUndug22 responds:

Thank you very much for your honest review. Vocals are not my strongest point, so I will take what you say into consideration.

Hmm...love the simplicity of this song. Never imagined an 8-bit tune this slow before. The beat was also very interesting and unique. The melody at 1:24 (and various other parts) is very engaging, and it loops well, too! However, it is not completely original (it is a cover), and you said yourself that it was easy to make. Still, catchy and interesting...4/5, 9/10. :)

Interesting instruments, and I like the style. Drums were interesting, too, especially how you used them as a transition. I don't feel like this song is complete, however. Maybe you could add more of a climax to the piece. It seemed like that's what you were doing until :48, then it fades off. I do like the synth at :50, though. However, I don't understand what you were doing at the end...it didn't loop well, but it also just ended. I was almost...confused. I'm sure you don't feel like this is complete either, but I feel like completed pieces express emotions better than short, bizarrely-ended pieces. Please try to understand. It's a great start, and I like the dreamy and ambient theme. Keep working on it; I think it would be worth it. ;)

Akulu responds:

I definately appreciate where your coming from. It's not finished and won't ever be sadly. This is one of about 300 tracks I had made that have been lost over time. Just finding CD's with these on them recently and uploading them so I can always have a listen. Thank you for the review though. I agree with all your points. Maybe I will re-make this one day.

Hi, Housecatt. Saw you had another new song, and thought I'd check it out. I like the ominous beginning, and the instruments you used after that were really engaging. Maybe a little repetitive, but I like the end- it's pretty sudden and ominous, like the beginning. I felt like you could've done more with the piece, however, maybe added a little more form to it. Still, while the instruments were bizarre, they were pretty groovy. Fitting title, and much less dissonant and unmelodious than your last piece (but just as unique)! Keep it up! :)

housecatt responds:

thanks man this really helped me out alot and understand what It was you were trying to explain to meh I appreciate the feedback bro :)

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