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This is awesome, Syamori! The song and the visuals alike. Sometimes the animation quality seems a tad murky, but the variety and dynamism in the shapes and textures is really nice. I like how a lot of the elements are symmetrical, while others appear to dance around the screen (notably the slats at 5:52). It also seems like some of the elements of the visuals reappear periodically, like the coffee-brown hue around the edges. You play a lot with light, too, which is a fun addition, if a tad harsh and overwhelming at times. The central visual at 7:40ish reminds me of a cootie catcher. :D Really neat work overall! Happy 2021. ^^

Syamori responds:

Thanks TL! I'm glad it resonates well with you. I've been waiting to do this for many years... I've always had an itch to find ways to show others the curious parts of the unspeakable recesses of my mind. Still, it baffles me that nobody else did something like this before I finally managed to. The next step down in terms of what's been documented publicly about synesthesia is still, well... this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obrBAysVef0

A lot of the resolution and harsh coloration issues came about because my PC could only handle rendering the video at half its intended size... and I didn't realize that until I had already made everything in 4k, so I had to do a lot of reconfiguring. Managing the composition size on my SSD was a hassle too... The final size came out to be 411 GB, though that wasn't until after filling up and emptying ~1 TB of pre-rendered and cached content from my drive at least 30 times. Because of this I often ran into situations where I had to force myself to say "This is good enough" and move on, or else get stuck on the same little details over and over again. I'll certainly know how to manage this better for future videos, though. I hope I'll be able to produce these seamlessly someday.

As a Simpsons fan, the Easter egg references to Kwik-E mart and other Simpsons world attributes were spot-on. Animation quality and voice acting are great, and the tie-ins to modern internet culture were hilarious. Really enjoyed this one overall, guys. My favorite part is when Lisa mentions that Bart is "watching from the treehouse." I also had to pause the video at Smithers' comment. Really creative and topical work, guys. ^^

Pretty funny. Pace was a little slow at times, but I like the cute animation style and facial expressions. I think #12 was my favorite - I can relate lol. Keep at it, RN! ^^

I love your stuff, man. The grotesque animation style has a distinct comedic quality after all of the absurdist visuals and repetition. The cat at the end gave the plot a stronger sense of direction, and by the end I feel thoroughly entertained. Really creative work here! ^^

Super cute song and fun animation! I really like the camera angle starting at around :20 and the text in the sky at :43. The pixelated quality of the animation fits the VGM vibe of the song really well, and I liked when the "protagonist" ship was overshadowed by the larger ships in the music video just in time for the breakdown. It's really creative how the video complements the music like that. The wormhole at 2:20 caught me by surprise, but helped the piece feel more climactic going into the final refrain. Strong work all around, WF! ^_^

Waterflame responds:

Thank you! :D glad you liked it

A bit of a cheap joke, but I love the over-the-top facial details/wrinkles and voice acting. Could use some extending, but for what it's worth I enjoyed it. :)

I really like the grainy animation quality and shifting color scheme. Really fun and abstract aesthetic, and the plot is simultaneously cute and creepy. The music fits the narrative well, and overall I'm getting a vague message about conformity and the pursuit of happiness out of this. Keep up the good work! ^_^

Funny stuff! My favorite parts were the printer's facial expressions when he made the printing noises and the store clerk's wandering eye. The plot feels a bit anticlimactic and drawn-out, but the animation quality is sharp. I also like the chalk-like appearance of the outside world at 1:21. Keep at it, man!

I always like your musical annual updates. Cute and funny animation that shows off your variety of animation talents. I especially like the tree growth segment at :53. The facial expressions at 1:50 were funny too. I'm excited to see your web series next month! Best of luck with your future ambitions, LazyMuffin. ^^

Funny concept and solid voice acting. Animation quality could be better, though. I feel like you could've spent a lot more time on some of the details. There's not a lot of motion in the picture, and some of the postures, especially Mr. Ratburn's, seem a bit unnatural. Still, enjoyable piece. Keep at it, man!

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