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Fantastic! Animation quality is super high, thematic content is fun, and the comedic elements are a nice touch. Loved it when the grandpa got so confused at around 2 minutes in. I'm especially impressed that you did all the music yourself - the cinematic vibe was great. I guess my one complaint is that sometimes the dialogue is somewhat redundant. For example, when the ghost first fires the beam of light from his hands, he says "I didn't know I could do that," even though it's already clear that he didn't know he could do that from his surprised reaction and body language. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this series. Voice acting is good, and the finish looks professional. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Funny stuff! Plot could've been a tad more climactic, but I assume it's based on your real life experience. My favorite joke was when you made fun of Bethany's name. The timing of the vomiting scene ("Bleh...thany") was great. The angry Pocahontas logo was also amusing. Keep up the good work, Brewstew!

Hilarious! My favorite jokes were the orangatun, the scissors, and the mouse v. rat one. Your storytelling skills are great, and you have this constant edge to your voice that makes your delivery that much better. Keep up the great work!

Solid stuff! Bit of a niche audience required, but as an MTG player of 9 years and counting, I appreciate it. Animation quality could've been a bit higher, but the voice acting was pretty good and the comedic elements hold up well. Keep up the good work, everyone!

Amazing! Comedic timing of the skit was nice, and the game looks awesome. Super clean graphics, ZIRCON IS A LEGEND, and overall the flavor of the game seems really fun. Nice job with character creation, too. I don't game too much any more, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Keep up the good work, guys! ^_^

Cute video. Simplistic animation design, yet high quality and sharp picture. Skit was a bit slow-paced, but I like the musical and comedic elements a lot. Happy birthday!

Animation quality is good. I liked the emotion at the beginning, but the script was a bit slow-paced. Comedic relief, like at :34, was certainly welcome, and the voice acting was generally good. Impressions of the characters were my favorite part. You've got the Marge groaning bit down. After around the 1-minute mark, the melodrama was a bit much. The sound riff that hints at the theme song at 1:40 was a nice touch, though. Overall, solid work!

Amusing content. I think you overused the string glissando sound effects, though. Animation quality is pretty good. Voice acting is probably my favorite element of the piece, actually. That and the facial expressions. Keep up the good work!

meatcanyon responds:

Thank you for the feedback. I will work harder on sound design next time. I appreciate the honesty!

Clever concept and solid execution. Animation quality is high throughout, and I really like the facial expressions. Sound effects are also well done. One of my favorite details is the angry faic that's on the judge's podium at :35. Hilarious stuff. Keep up the good work, guys!

Really amusing content. I'm not very familiar with the Dragonball Z franchise, but a lot of these are really clever and funny. I think my favorite is the supermodel one at about 5 minutes in. It's just really clever how you deliver the punchline. Most of the pieces were pretty short, although the scene that starts at 9:54 was really slow-paced and didn't synchronize the facial expressions with the voice acting very well. The skits at 12:46, 13:23, and 19:00 also stuck out as rather humorous and well-animated. I especially like the facial expressions on 19:00. The skit at 22:07 has a great use of timing with the lady revealing that she's pregnant (as Goku and the audience find out at the same time), and the facial expressions there are also quite humorous. The skit at 26:12 was clever from top to bottom, and had really high animation quality to boot. Overall, great work guys! So nice to see such a huge collaboration on the Grounds. ^_^

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