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Great work! I like the drama, music, and animation quality. You made a lot happen in 30 seconds. I'm impressed. Keep it up, dude! ;)

FL-Nordin responds:

thanks, i guess quality over quantity is the trick

Pretty cute. Reminds me of the Pixar intro. Animation quality is good, and the little brass flair at the end ties it together well. Solid work, man.

alienanimation responds:

Thank You!

It's kind of unnecessarily long and drawn out for what I'd regard as an anticlimactic joke. The animation quality is pretty good as far as I'm concerned, but if your piece basically lacks substantive content for almost a minute I'd at least add some music or something. Keep at it, man!

Hilarious. I love the dark humor. The animation quality is really high. The only thing I could think to add would be some music, but otherwise you nailed it, man.

This is really cool. I love the interactive element of it. Impressive that you both animated it and wrote the music too. Keep it up, man. ;)

JohnCage1997 responds:

As much as I love animating as a hobby and create music just for fun, (and a GMod-er)
Thank you! Much appreciated! :D

Haha, this is pretty funny. I love the sound effects and the music. Animation quality isn't bad either. It got kind of predictable after a little while, but you kept it short enough so that it wasn't overly redundant. Keep up the good work, man. ;)

I like the facial expressions and the sound effects. The plot was a little hard to follow between the scenes, but overall I like it. Keep up the solid work, man. ;)

Hahaha, this is really cool! I love all the sound effects, and as far as claymations go this might just be among the best I've seen on NG. The figurines and claw thing were really well-made, and the slow pace at the beginning makes the ending quite melodramatic indeed, almost comical. Great work, man. ;D

Not bad. Voice acting is pretty good, and the animation quality is higher than average for NG. I might recommend using some reverb/flanger effects if you were going for a sort of spooky ending, instead of just increasing the volume on the laughter. It's really short as it is, though. You should expand more upon this idea. ;)

JoeMcFatman responds:

thank's man really appreciate the feed back

This is pretty cool. I like the story, but the voice acting might need some work. You speak in a monotone a lot, and often you don't enunciate your speech very well. Also, having a narrator for the entire story instead of voice actors for the individual characters kind of dulls the drama IMO. Still, it was a pretty neat idea. ;)

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