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Funny stuff. I love how you paired Looney Tunes impersonations, NBA references, and political commentary in the same skit. Animation quality could potentially be higher, especially with regards to the motion sequences, but overall I was consistently amused throughout. Keep up the good work!

Hilarious parody. My favorite part was when the police officer was babying Mr. Krabs by making kissing sounds and stuff. Animation quality is really good, and the music sounds a lot like the music from the actual show. You touched on a lot of SpongeBob character tropes, which as someone who watched SpongeBob as a kid is really amusing. I was a little confused when Mr. Krabs is wearing a Squidward mask at :42, but other than that the plot is pretty smooth-flowing as well. Great work overall!

Very cute, albeit somewhat creepy towards the end. It gets a little abstract when the giraffe wakes up on the bench at :47. Plot definitely could've been a little more developed, and I'm unclear as to what the message of the short is. Still, the sound effects and music are well done. The most impressive part of the piece is definitely the animation quality, though. Amazing job with your portrayal of light, foregrounding and backgrounding of different elements, and the fluidity of motion. The coloring and texture are also rather good. Keep up the great work, man!

Pretty amusing as always. But I gotta say: the list-based format of this episode is not quite as effective as your usual narrative content. One thing I did really like was when you showed real-life photos of the "incidents." Favorite joke was probably the Kevin McCallister one at about 2 minutes in. Keep up the good work, guys!

Hilarious. Excellent comedic pace and animation quality. The plot is a bit anti-climactic, but it kept my attention throughout. Voice acting and background noises are also good. Tyson/Sagan mash-up was probably my favorite bit. Keep up the good work!

I like the goofy, cartoonish vibe and the sound effects. Music fits well too. Plot didn't have much to it, though, but I guess that's the point. Animation quality is solid, and I like the clear, geometric texture of design. Keep it up, man!

ShizzleCreature responds:

good feedback. thanks!

Simple concept, but good execution with the progression of the plot. Pacing was a tad slow at times, but the music set up the atmosphere well, and the comedic flavor of the "world takeover" helped. Solid work!

The animation quality is good, and I love the dark comedy and the suspense ingrained in the plot. If I had to criticize one thing, it might be the wind FX. They sounded a bit cheesy and fake. Otherwise, solid work here. Keep it up, man!

FlumpyTripod responds:

Thank you.

This is the best animation I've watched on Newgrounds in a long time. Topical, clever, and extremely well-animated. I love the music and the comedic twists and turns of the plot. You put a dark, holiday twist on America's culture wars, while retaining an important message about our discourse throughout. Well done, sir! ;)

Pretty funny! Pacing is a little slow sometimes, and you overused the prostate exam jokes a bit. The animation quality is good, though. I think my favorite joke was the one that took a jab at the American health care system. :D Keep it up, man!

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