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The animation quality is super high. Love the sound effects and facial expressions. The plot was a little lacking, though, and pretty predictable. Maybe I would appreciate this more if I was familiar with whatever it is you're referencing/parodying. Overall, though, solid work. Keep it up, man! ;)

AngelXMIkey responds:

Its the Sun and Moon meme where the Pokemon Cosmog nicknamed Nebby, keeps getting out of Lillie's bag and gets into trouble. She is constantly telling him to get back in the bag. So for the parody she goes over the top trying to keep him in the bag(Referencing old Tom&Jerry/Looney Toon gimmicks.), and it still doesnt work.

Cute, but a little cheesy and unoriginal. The sound effects are pretty generic. The cat made me smile, though. :)

As someone who watched Fairly Oddparents frequently as a kid, I think this is amusing. Most of my amusement derives from the first half of the skit, which more explicitly made fun of the actual show. I also thought you went a little overboard with the generic goofy-sounding parodic voice acting, but maybe that's just because I watch a lot of NG movies with similar tones. Overall, cool stuff!

DavisToons responds:

Thank you!

Pretty good. Animation quality is sharp, and the facial expressions were well-done. It's a little slow-paced for my tastes, and it seems like more of a set-up episode than anything else. The plot (of which there is very little) lacks resolution, but there was an amusing predictability to Flipflop's drags. Keep at it, man. ;)

Cool piece. I love the graphic animation style. It fits the crude dialogue really well. The film is pretty plot-driven, but also encapsulates the parasitic nature of addiction really well. Nice work!

Really interesting film. The humor is a bit slow-paced, but you really showed off your animation skills with the abstract shapeshifting techniques. Not laugh-out-loud funny IMO, but definitely amusing. I think the roller coaster at 2:35 is my favorite. The sound effects were also really well-done. Keep up the good work, man! ;)

It was okay. The whole movie lacked context, and you overused the studio audience laughter samples. The animation quality is pretty good, though, and you used irony and hyperbole well. Keep at it, man.

zachpaulusart responds:

Yeah, this is one of those shorts where if you are familiar with the source material (i.e. Harmontown) it would make a little more contextual sense. All the same, thanks for the kind words!

This is highly amusing. Creative, humorous, and with a fun plot. The scenery was enjoyable but not too distracting. The sound effects and voice acting were well done. I might like to see a little more character development in part 2 (if there is a part 2), but otherwise keep up the great work, man! ^^

I like the concept a lot. It's pensive and inward-looking, and the somewhat simplistic design calls attention to the abstract thinking behind it. The animation quality is not superb, but for what it is I like it. :)

sleepFacingWest responds:

thanks! I'd really like to get better at animation, but I have NO idea what I'm doing. It's a hobby I'd like to pursue under the occasional guidance of those who know more than me.

The song is catchy, well-written, and amusing. The animation quality is also pretty high. I thought the vocals could've been a bit louder (it was hard to make them out over the guitar at times), but other than that nice work man. ;)

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