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This is hilarious! The animation quality isn't great, but you more than made up for that with the brusque humor and superb storytelling. Keep at it, guys! ^^

Animation quality is pretty good for 2002. Plot is amusing and creative. Could use some music/ambient noise to give it a little more flavor. I like the dark theme and the way the characters are designed visually. Keep it up, man! ^^

Wonderful! Animation quality is amazing. The pensive music with the coming-of-age theme really fits the moody style of the artwork well. It felt a bit dragged out, but the animation was thoroughly engaging nevertheless. Keep up the great work, guys!

Okay. Humor was a little slow-paced and very dry. My favorite joke was probably the one about the pastor's wardrobe...or maybe the father/son dance. Started to drag a bit after the speeches bit. Animation quality is good, but the scene design is pretty minimalist. Not my favorite piece of yours, but overall still pretty amusing. Keep at it, man!

Pretty funny. Pacing was a tad slow, but animation quality is really high and the sardonic voice acting was a huge plus. Keep up the good work, dude!

A little overdone, but I laughed out loud throughout. Especially liked it when Trump vomited golf clubs, and also the changing paintings. Animation quality is pretty good too. Keep up the great work, man! ;D

A little melodramatic, but funny nevertheless. Animation quality is super high. Nice job with the sound design/music, too. Keep it up, dude!

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Funny and dark. I like your style. :D Animation quality is really strong, too. Good sense of delivery and use of music/sound. I like the voice acting. The inflection on the guy's voice when he says "eyy it's okay-eee" cracked me up. Keep it up, man! ^^

Pretty good. It's a little more plot-driven than comedy-driven, though. Some of the dialogue was a little melodramatic, and in general it just wasn't as fleshed-out as it could have been. Animation quality is great as always, though, and I like what you did with the background music.

The animation quality is great. The poetic dialogue was amusing, and the concept was hilarious, but the plot was really slow, especially during the first 2/3 or so of the piece. I think you could benefit from cutting down the first 2/3, but otherwise great work!

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