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I like the furtive beginning and the gradually more energetic and upbeat feel by around the 1-minute mark. The string at 1:30 or so are a nice touch, and the brass at 1:50 really helps thicken up the texture. Something about the timing of the harmonies/syncopations at 2:22 doesn't quite line up. Maybe it's that the string samples aren't quite reaching their peak volume on the down beat? The piano line at 3:11 was a welcome return to a more mellow vibe, but the transition there was also a tad abrupt. You really tripped me out with the couple short encores at the end, haha. Feels like they're the seeds of two entirely different pieces, but I especially liked the dreamy guitar at the very end. :) Keep at it, LSD! ^_^

I like the dreamy intro and the evocative sound design. The harsh elements of the texture at :38 are a nice touch, and I like how the progression starts to take on a darker tone until the piano comes in at :51. While the piece is a bit slow-paced at times, the sound design remains interesting, especially with the vocals at 1:30. The brass solo at 1:40 is great, but I think it would've been more impactful if there were some more substantive harmonies built around it. The percussion in this piece is great, though, especially later on when complementing the brass and woodwind melodies. I also like the cliffhanger ending. I think it fits a piece this whimsical and mysterious rather well. Great job, Ale, and happy 2022! ^_^

Always down for some bouncy chiptune action. The static in the beat sounds a little overdone to my ears, but the cute melodies and prominent bass line have me sold. Super catchy and refreshing track, and once again I can tell the loop is flawless (even though NG's player usually makes it sound rough). Cheers, TV! ^^

Ooo, I like this. The dynamic piano melodies and crisp beats really hit the spot, and the airy pads and ghostly leads (like at 1:05) smooth over the texture nicely. The glissando at 2:15 makes for a neat transition, and the production quality here is super tight despite the busy texture. Mood is a great mix of relaxing and energetic. I kinda felt like the ending cam on a bit abruptly, but I'm sure it's meant to loop in-game. I've got to get more in touch with the gaming scene on NG. Good for you for landing all these tracks in games. Happy 2022, TV! ^^

TeraVex responds:

Ayyyy TL! Long time no see! It's great to hear from you, I'm glad you like the track! I still revisit this from time to time, I look back on it fondly.

Dude! Your page has blown up recently. It's awesome. This track is really mellow and catchy, too. The mix is clean and the sound is a perfect combination of jazz and 90s rap. The composition could've been a tad more dynamic, but I understand it's meant to be in a videogame. It loops nicely, and has a great, relaxing atmosphere. Keep it up! ^_^

Catchy! I like the synth brass stabs and ominous flair. The build-up into 1:12 was nice, and the glitchy rhythmic elements at 1:45 or so are probably my favorite element of the piece. I'm pretty sure you recycled some of the orchestral hits in the middle section from "Killstealer" or "Rupture" or maybe one of your other tracks, but they fit in well here too. :D The piece gets a tad repetitive towards the end, but it's fascinating to hear how much your style has evolved over the years. Really neat and catchy piece with an engrossing and foreboding mood! ^_^

I'm really enjoying your collabs, guys. The stringed instrument at the beginning has a great, crisp texture, and the drums and bass at :23 help smooth it over for some pleasant contrast. The transition at :38 was a bit abrupt, but I like the more ominous tone the piece is taking by around the 1-minute mark. The frantic strings contrast nicely with the mellow woodwinds. I might've like the drums to be a bit more prominent in this one, and I also feel like the melodic elements could've been developed a bit further. That said, both of you guys have been nailing the sound design in your recent work, and it's great to see. The climactic part towards the end was a great narrative touch, too. Keep up the good work! ^_^

I like the apprehensive mood at the beginning and contrast between the heavy bass and the blissful melodies. The call-and-response action between the melody synth at 1:06 and the bell-like instrument at 1:12 is really nice, too. The piece flows really smoothly, but is also full of variety. The ghostly synth at 2:52 is probably my favorite sound design choice of the piece. The percussion here is also really well done, notably at the little interlude at 3:20. There's also a nice victorious mood towards the end that really hits the piece home. Strong work again, WF! ^_^

Really majestic and atmospheric! I like all the bells and mallets, and the strings in the background help provide a pitter-patter sort of texture that reminds me of rain. Perhaps the piece could've used a stronger sense of climax at one point. I feel like it's more ambient than narrative-driven as a cinematic track, but the sound design and production are both fantastic here. Strong work, guys! ^_^

I like the jazzy sound design and quirky melodies of this one. The chopped vocals that come in at around the 1-minute mark are super neat, and the pitch-shifting "woo"s at 1:30 or so are also a nice touch. The triumphant solos during the middle section really hit the spot, and the mixing and mastering is top-notch here. The bass line is really dynamic and refreshing, and I can totally hear the big band influence in some of the more jumpy rhythmic riffs, like at 3:40. The last hurrah at 4:15 really ties the piece together well. Probably my favorite track of yours of 2021. Keep it up, WF! ^_^

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