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Ooo...I like how much you switched up the instrumentation for this new version. It sounds really dreamy and pensive, and your mixing and mastering skills have improved a lot in the last 7 years. The piece is a little slow to progress, and at some points I think you overdid the reverb a bit, but otherwise it's super catchy, and I like the call-and-response action between the bass and mid-range riffs between :40 and 1:59. The variations on that riff at 2:21 are really nice, and the melody that plays in the background there is so cathartic. The drums get a tad buried starting at the 3-minute mark - it might be the excessive reverb that's the main culprit there. I like the darker tone to the track that begins at around 3:45 and the build-up into 4:18. The ending felt like a bit of a cliffhanger, but perhaps that's fitting for a piece with such mystique. Cheers, Teckmo-X, and happy new year! ^_^

Top-notch instrumentation here. I love the whimsical tone and variety in the texture throughout. The heavier section at :53 works really well, too, and I like how it's immediately contrasted with the more subdued tone at 1:10. The little filler mini-solos at the end of each phrase are great - I especially like the harpsichord at 1:50. The increased prominence of the vocal pads at 2:06 is a great way of ending the piece too. I think this is my favorite track of yours of 2021. Cheers, Everratic! ^_^

Oh, man, the feels with this one are strong. I love the rich piano at the beginning and the entrance of the strings later on. I think the first pause works better than the second one, perhaps because the texture is thicker when it stops at :57. But the piano sounds really organic. Are you playing one, or is that just an extremely well-humanized VST? Either way, lovely work, Everratic. ^_^

Ah, yes. I've missed your waltzy orchestral music. :) The percussion here is especially nice, and I like the growing emotional appeal over the course of the first 40 seconds or so. The ritardando at :57 was a nice touch, although the ending felt a tad rushed. That said, you nailed the sound design and mixing as always. I'm sure Moon Jelly will be quite pleased. ^^

Really neat stuff, guys! Equal parts dreamy and creepy. I like the experimental texture and spacey sound design. I think "Bad Trip" is my favorite track - the combination of smooth pads and glitchy portamentos is super cool. The whole album also flows together really well, perhaps with the exception of 19:54. "Melancholic Memory" is another favorite of mine - really pensive and relaxing, with some delicious reverb on that guitar. Keep it up, LN and CX! Happy holidays. ^_^

I really like this! The rhythmic elements of the initial couple of riffs really capture my attention, and the vocals are top-notch as usual. Your mixing and mastering is really strong, too, although occasionally the drums struggle to come through a tad. The structure felt a little formulaic after a time, with a repetitive chorus and some abrupt transitions to boot. A more dynamic solo or extended bridge section might've helped with that. Still, the track has a great, punchy tone and some cool drum fills. Strong work overall, dude2312! ^_^

dude2312 responds:


Been a while! Thank you so much for your input. I am really glad you liked it! I will try to cool it down with the exclamation points but I really like it that you like it! lol

Really neat stuff! The sound design here is great, and the mixing and mastering is top-notch. The texture is a little bottom-heavy for my tastes, and within a given movement/track the composition isn't super dynamic, but across the entire thing there's a lot of musical variety. I think my favorite part is around the 10-minute mark or so. That entire section is really catchy, with some cool filtering and a clever use of minimalism. Solid work! ^_^

Awesome, man! I've had this playing in the background while I clean out my home office, and I'm really impressed with the musical variety - equal parts danceable, edgy/dramatic, soulful, and mellow. I think Volty's Quest is still my favorite, but the track at 19:26 was also quite easy to hum along to. Part of me wanted the transitions between the tracks to be a bit smoother, but I know that most of them were made to loop in-game. I also like the (purposeful?) choice to put the beautiful, dreamy piece at 33:00 smack dab in the middle of the album. It really feels like a grand intermission of sorts. :) Anyway, looking forward to hearing more from you in 2022 and 2023! Cheers. ^^

ConnorGrail responds:

Thanks for listening! Funny thing, that track at 19:26 is also Volty's Quest, just the second track I made for it. So you might just have a favourite game haha. I'm also glad you enjoyed the quiet little intermission, no better place for a little break than halfway if you ask me 🙂

(Edit: just realized 19:26 is the first track of Volty, the one directly after is the second)

Awesome! You really made this your own, Connor. It has a nice, punchy vibe between the crisp drums and heavy down beats. The rest of the sound design is really top-notch too, and the vocals feel really dynamic between the more subdued tone at the beginning and the more passionate flair towards the end. Your mixing and mastering has really improved over the past year or two as well. Keep at it, man! Happy holidays. ^_^

ConnorGrail responds:

Thanks! glad you liked the dynamics and style of this one, I had fun contrasting the typical holiday music sound. Nice to see your name pop up for another review, happy holidays to you as well

Oh man, you're back! :D I like the pensive mood at the beginning and the somewhat improvisational flair. The piano could probably be "humanized" a bit more, at least before the beat comes in, but the crisp drums and rumbling bass help fill out the texture and shape the flow. For a lot of the piece, there isn't a strong sense that it's building towards something, but the piece really starts falling together once you take the sound design in a more synth-heavy direction at the 3-minute mark or so. The dreamy plucked synths at 4:15 or so really tie the piece back into the "stellar" theme. :) Some of the transitions are a tad choppy here, notably at 5:03, but the melodies at 5:45 tie the piece together well towards the end. Overall, I'm really glad you're back! This track has some great sound design and top-notch production quality, and I'm looking forward to hearing what else is in store for your followers in the near future. ^_^ Hope you're doing well otherwise, too. Have a great holiday season, Lockyn!

Lockyn responds:

Yo I totally missed this, glad to see you TL! Thank you as always for the detailed review. Hope your holidays was great, and here's to a better 2022!

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